“I started doodling at the age of 9, and from the beginning, I have focused on drawing our culture, portraits, landscapes and all life around me. My main focus is Thari women and Sindhi cultural life. My figurative art style portray the blossom colors around these women, particularly while they dance. The Rajasthani outfits of Thari women have always fascinated me, while their happy moments, smiles and colorfulness give me joy.  I have worked in all mediums, and currently I am working on a series called ‘Colours of Life’”

Recent Arts Exhibition

Recent art exhibition at the Hamail Art Gallery in Lahore. Bandah Ali’s paintings come across as an explosion of colour, set on contrasting walls of black and white, as they depict the rich culture and dance of Tharparkar, Sindh.

Painting with acrylic on canvas, Bandah’s women are frozen in movement, in a moment of sheer joy and ecstasy, their dance reflected in the colourful ghagras and cholis whose colours are merging into the air — the colours dancing with the women as if they are separate entities in themselves.

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